Stewardship & Generosity

Does your church talk about money? How do you do it? How often? What are some best practices?

What language does your church speak about money? In the current lexicon stewardship is based on the need for the church to receive money while generosity suggests tapping into the individuals’ personal motivations to give money. The difference is at times subtle but at other times obvious.

Baby boomers and younger generations aren’t excited about the institution of the church but instead want to be part of changing lives. But in your finance communications do you spend more time talking about the increase in the copier contract and the cost of the pastor’s health insurance or the mission project that is reaching those in need? Are apportionments considered the Bishop’s Tax or the way to dig wells in Liberia and feed people in Steubenville?

Below you’ll find resources to help you inspire generosity among your congregation. And as always, please let us know how we can help you.

Stewardship programs

Stewardship books (including sermon starters)

If you don’t have a stewardship campaign, read some thoughts about why you should change that here.