A couple of weeks ago I reposted an article I did for the Joining Hands Magazine about electronic giving.  Thanks for all of the positive feedback and I wanted to answer for all of you the question I got most often, “How do I do it?” The good news is that it’s easier and cheaper […]

Church Finance, Church Leadership, Stewardship

November 1, 2010

Entering the 21st Century

The nice thing about the church is that no matter how incredibly boring the sermon may be, it’s still more exciting than reading the budget. Let’s change that.  The budget, I mean, you’re on your own with the sermon. While a line item budget is a necessary tool for fiscal management it really tells a lousy […]

Church Finance, Church Leadership, Stewardship

October 18, 2010

Give your budget a twist

Churches in Africa do things a bit differently. From what I understand the offering is a time for great joy, as congregants celebrate that they have something to contribute. In remote areas where food and water are a daily struggle, having a li’l something extra to share is truly something special. We don’t really do […]

Church Finance, Church Leadership, Stewardship

October 4, 2010

Let’s Celebrate Stewardship, no seriously, I mean it