One of the great things about UMCOR is that every dollar you donate makes it to the relief site.  Whether it’s the Philippines, Indiana, Haiti or some not-yet-named place, the field volunteers get the full amount to work with, not the net after administrative fees. 100%  You can’t get much better than that, can you? […]

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November 25, 2013

Double Dipping

In the wake of a disaster, there is the instant reaction to want to help and as we watched the video footage from Moore, Oklahoma this week, many of felt the need to do something. This is wonderful, very American and very Christian thing to do. But it’s important to remember what is helpful and […]

Church Finance

May 23, 2013

How to help in Oklahoma

When Hurricane Katrina hit in September of 2005 it not only did a tremendous amount of damage to the Gulf Coast, but it also brought very real human needs to our television every night, needs that weren’t a continent away affecting people with a vastly different culture, but folks we could relate to. Before that, […]

Church Finance

November 2, 2012

A good time to teach your people to give

As the news broke in Japan it wasn’t too long before I got thinking about UMCOR and its role in the relief effort of many of these disasters.  We are blessed to have Japan as the center of much of our United Methodist missionary work in Asia so we had “people on the ground” who […]

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March 21, 2011

Helping those who help