The last six months and the next two

I have now been writing this blog for about six months.  As you are aware some of the posts have been tightly focused on the issues of stewardship and helping that effort in the local church.

Then there are others.

As you and your Stewardship Committee (you DO have a Stewardship Committee, don’t you?) get back to work this fall, I want to lift up a handful of posts to reflect on.

Make sure your congregation connects the church to changing lives.

A good planned giving program must be part of your plans for the next 12 months.

Simply asking for the same 3 percent increase every year cheats your members of the chance to have a lively, viable, growing church.

Have small group meetings to talk about the finances of your church.  The Finance Committee probably thinks everyone sitting in the pews has a good understanding of church finances.  I assure you they don’t.

Steal some good ideas from folk who do a really good job of raising money.

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