Following up on electronic giving

Wow, what a great response to last week’s post about electronic giving!  It was the most-read entry we’ve had in 12 weeks!

One church member told me that his church does nearly all of its “transactions” with members electronically.  These are things other than the offering, like registering for VBS.  And the biggest fan is the youth director who no longer has to keep track of checks when his group meets in the parking lot before a retreat.  On the permission slip the parent simply checks that the electronic payment has been made and the date.

Another pastor told me that in his congregation of about 200 they have 15 or so regular electronic donors representing well more than half of the total dollars. 

A testimony at my own church said that because the church is paid automatically the day his paycheck is deposited he really does feel he is giving “first fruits” rather than paying his bills and seeing what is left on Sunday for the church.

Vanco, the service in relationship with the United Methodist Church, charges 25 cents per transaction.  Someone pointed out that his church pays more than that per month for envelopes for each giving unit, so if someone signs up for automatic payment they can cancel the envelopes and actually save money with electronic giving.

No one offered my any negative feedback about electronic giving.  Not everyone does it, but those who do are sold on the idea.  Now when is the last time ANYTHING was universally liked in the United Methodist Church? 

This seems like a great New Year’s resolution for your church.

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