A tremendous stewardship training opportunity

When I head into a church for a stewardship consultation, I used to think I could predict the situation.  Afterall, a church in an affluent neighborhood was going to have plenty of money, right?  A church with old Chevy pickup trucks in the parking lot was going to be dirt poor.

Not even close to reality.

Rev. Cif Christopher wanted to figure this out.  You may know Rev. Christopher’s work, he wrote Not Your Parent’s Offering Plate and Whose Offering Plate Is It among others.  He is the most prolific stewardship author in United Methodism.

His research went back to many of the churches he worked with in the past 40 years as a pastor and consultant.  As you might expect, the financial stability of the church had little to do with the ratio of BMWs to Yugos in the parking lot.

I invite you to join us on September 8 at Montrose Zion UMC in Akron for a day with Rev. Christopher.  He will not only discuss his research, but help us transform our churches and our cultures into churches with healthy approaches to money and stewardship.

Click Here for a link to the Foundation’s web site where you can learn more and register.  Cost is just $25 and includes lunch.  At that price, bring your stewardship team and others who are involved not only in raising money, but in structuring your church’s money culture as well.

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