Program Review: Committed to Christ

This past weekend I had the chance to preview Committed to Christ: Six Steps to a Generous Life.

The short version: I like it.

The program is written by Rev. Bob Crossman, a United Methodist pastor from Arkansas and a member of the staff at Horizons Stewardship, Clif Christopher’s consulting company.

What I like about it is it not only talks about money, but emphasizes six areas of spiritual growth:
– Prayer
– Bible reading
– Worship
– Witness
– Financial Giving
– Service.

It boils down the entire discipling process into one easy, six-week study.

I’m surprised I like this. Usually in my consultations I recommend against a stewardship campaign that involves commitments going a dozen different directions because too often the financial commitment gets short-changed. Churches unwilling or unable to talk about money hide behind a convoluted campaign.

But I also see giving as one of several spiritual disciplines and this program puts all of that in context.

Like other programs, this is a six-week program designed to be used in your small groups with support during Sunday morning with sermon helpers and worship videos.

The adult readings and study guide includes six lessons that are clearly written and very approachable. At the end of the lesson there is a short devotion written by other leaders in Christian stewardship. These provide some added interest in the study and a different perspective. They may be my favorite part.

True generosity comes from not your richest donors, but those most committed. If your congregation becomes more deeply involved in all six of these areas, you have done a good job of discipling your members, and will surely help your stewardship efforts.

Give Bob’s program a preview, I think you’ll like it.

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