Managing your church’s investments can be a complicated process. The challenge of balancing safety and returns, meeting the church’s Socially Responsible Investing mandates and managing how the endowment can best be a ministry tool can all be enormous challenges for a volunteer committee.

Socially Responsible Investing
Through our investment partner Wespath we offer one of the strongest, most comprehensive SRI programs to be found. You can learn more about Wespath, its programs and approaches here.

The Foundation provides investment options for local churches that provide not only competitive returns but participation in perhaps the strongest socially responsible investment program in the country. We invest through Wespath, the investment arm of the Wespath Benefits and Investments of the United Methodist Church. For decades UM pastors have reaped the benefits of Weshpath's investment strategy and only recently has that same opportunity been made available for local churches. (NOTE: Competitive returns as compared to actively managed mutual funds with a similar investment strategy.)

Church Investments

How are your investments doing? Is the performance strong? Are your investments aligned with United Methodist values? Are you supporting the church’s ministry or your bank’s ministry?

Fund Performance
See a brief description of our funds and the most recent performance information here.