So What Just Happened?

About 90 minutes ago the General Conference announced the results of the prioritization vote.  The Traditional Plan had 55% of the voters rate it a high priority for discussion  The One Church Plan had 48%, The Simple Plan 19% and the Connectional Conference Plan 12%.  Incidentally that adds up to 134%.

Folks in the conservative camp saw a victory, as the Traditional Plan had a higher percentage than the progressive plan.  But progressives point out that the One Church Plan and the Simple Plan combined had 67%, more than the 50% needed to pass and a dozen percentage points more than Traditional.

So who won?

Those chickens are far from hatched, my friends.

If you’re looking for optimism on either the One Church or the Traditional Plan, you have reason for that optimism.

So what happens next?

This afternoon and tomorrow morning we as a Committee of the Whole will debate, amend, and generally work on the Traditional Plan.  Once we finish with the Traditional Plan, we may get to the One Church Plan.  Whether or not we get to that point depends on the flow of the work.  See the previous post discussing obstruction.

So stay tuned, remain encouraged and we’ll see where this thing lands by the end of Tuesday.

  1. Bill McFadden says:

    Brian, thanks again!

  2. Mel Hayes. says:

    Brian appreciate your reports been watching on live streaming unfortunately we did not get to the traditional plan today. Too many delays with voting issues. Thank you for serving as a delegate.

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