The One Church Plan Reimagined

In the past 24 hours I have read many blogs, posts, texts and emails along the lines of, “Now What?”

I say now is the time for The One Church Plan. No, not the one you’ve been hearing about.

My plan is for you to focus on One Church, yours.

In many communities around the world he have done harm, harm to those who identify as LGBQTIA+. We have further alienated young folks who at the least don’t see what the argument is and at worst have told them that their friends don’t matter to God. Folks who see as pious hypocrites may see this action as confirming those feelings.  Folks on the conservative side of this issue may feel villainized.

General Conference next meets in Minneapolis in May of 2020. Until then make your One Church the place you want our global church to be.

In the next 15 months what specific, inclusive, compassionate and merciful outreach project will your One Church initiate?

What disenfranchised group in your community will you reach out to?

In what ways will you acknowledge the harm done in St. Louis but demonstrate that your One Church is different?

Now is the time to plot a course for a true Way Forward. I believe the Way Forward is through love, One Church at a time.

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